venerdì 11 giugno 2010


Silvia Idili, L'incontro, 2010.

Silvia Idili was born in Cagliari (Sardegna) in 1982, now she lives and works in Milan.
Below is the link to an interview that i've made to her about a month ago for A Bad Crit blog
To meet her has been such a great experience, she's very talented.
In Italy her artworks are exclusively available at Cannaviello Gallery in Milan, one of the main art galleries since the 80s. I invite you all to take a look to her works and those of other great artists such as Stefano Cumia and Maurizio Bongiovanni.

Silvia is open-minded and wants to find Art Galleries in Europe to collaborate with.

I'm honored to be her intermediary for any offer of cooperation from abroad. So if your Gallery is attracted by this artist, please contact me at and i'll make sure to give you more infos.

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Curly ha detto...

Genial art though I feel anguish when I look at some of her works.

Daniela Petkovic ha detto...

She'll be glad to read your comment.

Thank you Daisy!