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Paolo Petrangeli was born in Umbria in 1980.
He attended the high school Institute of Art in Spoleto and then the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome where he reached his best results.
Paolo is now living and working in Rome.

L' addestratore di pennuti

. How long have you been painting?

Well, i took part to many painting contests and i've always classified at the top.
My love for art and painting was born when i was a child; I used to pass all my days drawing because it made me feel good.

L' eremita

. What's your art influenced by?

I'm influenced by many artists like Bosch, Ryden, Bagayan and Ceccoli.
Otherwise i find inspiration for my characters in movies, usually i rework on them and give them my own message.
My characters are kind of "outcasts", they often got child features but in their eyes and look you can find anxiety and bitterness typical of adulthood.

Il cabaret di Camilla

. Any upcoming show?

At the moment i'm working on some paintings to show next months in several exhibitions around Rome.
One day i would love to exhibit at the Strychnin Gallery in Berlin.

compagni di merende

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