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Brian M. Viveros

Brian M. Viveros is internationally known for his erotic paintings and illustrations. Where do your mysterious sexy women come from?

The mysteriously sexy smokin women come from the DirtyLand. Just past Dislandia not to far from Southern. Can't miss them, they're always smokin'.

If I say The Art of Porn exhibition held in Switzerland (1997), what would you say?

I say WOW that was such a long time ago in a galaxy far-far away. I think to myself about that show - it was really just an honor at that time. There were so many great artist involved in that show that I looked up to as a kid so it was really a great starting point and beginning of what later become my Smoking Arm -Me. I didn't even paint then, they were super hard core brush and ink drawings. They were so hardcore I have to laugh - Good times.



You’ ve been having many exhibitions in the last years, from Fresh Meat in Seattle, WA, to Erotic at Orbit Gallery, NJ. One at Next-Gen-Art for the New Aeon, Santa Monica, another just finished The Dirty Show: International Erotic Art Exxxhibition at Tangent Gallery and Hastings St. Ballroom, Detroit. You’ve been busy. What’s your mood when you began creating the work for these exhibits?

The mood just kind of has to hit me. What I mean is you have to feel it and see it in your head and jump on that moment. I go through observing and collecting a lot of elements and sketching doodles of what would work best for the show, even themes , I kind of map out in my head how I want the set of paintings to look way in advance. It's a fun drunken process but it feels right for me.

Round 69

Girls of Rebellion

How well do you work in a group? Is it liberating, or something that challenges you more than just working on your own?

I enjoy working with other artist, you learn a lot from them and it's kind of a surreal thing that happens and I'm into that. Myself and Dan Quintana just had an AMAZING time and show at Copro Gallery entitled DESENSITIZED. We collaborated on paintings together that really awesome, we brought my films, music, sculpture, free drawings, costumes , live snaked and spiders, it was great time and moment in ART.

Brian Viveros & Dan Quintana

You have started to practice in the medium of film. How much are you focusing attention on this sort of practice?

Film is a true passion of mine. I loose sleep over these ideas and fucked up dreams I have. If I can't paint these ideas then I figure out how I can make a film of it. Most of my film ideas are more surreal and different from my paintings. I'm a big fan of surrealism and anything a little dislandic. You can learn more about my films at My first surreal film was DISLANDIA and my recent film is SOUTHERN.

Scenes from Dislandia

Go to more Southern info!

Aramaic: “a short film that takes you to hell and back in under 4 minutes…” You produced and directed it. How the idea of it comes to you?

The idea for ARAMAIC came about a meeting with my other Director/friend Erijjk Ressler. It was early and we were having are usual discussion of film and art with are breakfast of champions at that time which was Mexican sweet bread( Pan Dulce ) and a tall can of Miller High Life. The idea was based off of pulling weeds. I came up with the idea for the mouth eating earth and everything else just happens. Thats how we shoot, just let it happen.We shot that in like two hours.

Beyond all this hypersexual and erotic, there’s also something darkly engaging in your artwork. How much it makes the difference?

It's all in the eyes, the eyes can tell you a lot. I put a lot a time and energy into the eyes and the poses. Those two things come to mind first before I even start painting.

Warm Muffin

See You When Your Sleeping

Is it true that a Smoking Girl piece entitled “Heroin-Sheek” for the Museum of Porn in Art has been stolen?

Yeah, Somebody took some " Heroin - Sheek " .Even hard to get on the streets. Guess they really wanted to take her home pretty bad. If the thief who took her is reading this, please make sure she has enough beer and cigarettes. She's real cranky in the mornings without her smokes.

What’s next for you?

What's next, uh cigarette and a drink. Well yeah that and just preparing for a solo exhibition in LA and working on concepts for my next film. I hope to get more sleep one day, that would be nice.

Bullfight Her

Viveros Girls of Rebellion

Have you ever been to Italy?

VIVA ITALY!! I dig it there- dig it a lot. I may be out in Rome next year so come find me. I want to thank you and all your readers for this opportunity . Spread the word and if any of you want prints, please check out my SHOP, i do ship international.

Arm-Me of Me

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