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Emmanuel Lafont

Glamour Iberiko.
Serie en proceso ( toreros,gitanas,goyescas,meninas....) 2010/2011.

. Hi Emmanuel, now you live and work in Malaga, Spain but in 2001 you've been to USA. There you worked for Annie Wharton at the Art Centre South Florida (Miami) and at the same time you painted for Dorsch Gallery.
What are your best memories about that period?

Hi D! Let's see... It was a very exciting period for me... I can remember everything i lived with a special feeling.
I was only 20 and looking for adventures! People, situations, jobs... everything sounds cool to me! Besides, i met Annie like a coincidence, working with her was one of the best experience ever. I learned a lot of things and time ran so fast that now i see that passing through my mind like a movie. If i have to choose, people who helped me out is the best memory i have. I met special persons who are still very good friends of mine! (Jen i love you, sweetcake!!!).

. What's M.A.C. project?

M.A.C. means "Malaga Contemporary Artists". It was a project that pretended to join contemporary artists in this city in order to organize different events (exhibitions, open studios, cultural exchanges, etc.). The most important thing we did was "The Art Route" we imported the idea of opening many artist's studios from town to people... so they could visit us and see how we usually work. We organized performances, little concerts and other attractions also which helped to promote cultural tourism in Malaga.

. How this idea came to you and your cofounder Steven Wanzell?

Well, as i first told you the idea was imported from other cities by Steve! I met him, he told me and i get involved into it. Together we looked for more artists who wanted to join the project! This utopian dream sadly ends because too many people tried to impose their own ideas and the group broke up. Likely i keep on the friendship with many artists from that time!

Mi Aporte Pal Sketchbook Project (Inglaterra). 2010.

. How much do you love your city?

Maybe you can make an idea of my love for this city if i tell you that i was born in Argentina but my heart belongs to Malaga!
Here i found my place in the world, i found love and i found my "elected family"! It's a quite and relaxing city and these days is growing in a cultural way, which is fantastic!

. Which event created by M.A.C. have most people responded to and why?

The Art Route of course!

. Are nowadays artists open to these kind of initiatives?

Absolutely yes! I've my own theory: before this world economical crisis started, many people who aspired to be artists (in the cool meaning of artist), tried to move to New York, London, Berlin and all these important cities to see and learn things. Nowadays, people have not enough money! Lot of those artists have to stay at home BUT as we need to express our ideas anyway, most of us are very opened to new initiatives and to work hand in hand!

. How does the city can englobe art and viceversa harmonically?

This question is hard to answer, maybe you should ask to politicians! (smile)
My opinion is that the concept of art is changing. Art used to be elitist but now i believe on the idea of "Art For Everybody" so cities have to open different channels where art can get all kind of public: Art from the city to the city.

. Who are some artists that influence you?

Wow! I could stay here the whole night answering you!

Some names: Goya, Schiele, Escher, Warhol, BLU, Banksy, Michele Guidarini, Ientile, Pepa Prieto, Gary Baseman, Burgerman, tim Biskup, Mirimari Vayrynen, David Setter... and more!

. How has the internet helped you with your career?

Is for sure the best way to contact people from everywhere! Is one of the main channel i use for working: draw, scan, send by mail and sell!

. Any tips or advice you'd give to artists just starting out?

I don't know, my three main columns to work are persistance, integrity and enjoyment!

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