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Phil L'animal

Phil L'animal is a young canadian artist based in Montreal, QC.
Let's know him through his words and latest works.

. Hi Phil, why 'Phil L'animal'?

I wont tell you the true story, but I can imagine one if you want!
When I was a little boy my dream was to become a tiger, at 10 I changed for the giraffe, but I was too small to be a giraffe, so I decided to become a beautiful fish, but I couldn't breathe under water…
Finally I created a mix, a shuffle party of many animals, it gave me… The strangest animal…

. Can you remember your first illustration?

Yes, i was 12 years old. It wasn't really nice, just a stupid character… I did it with a big black pen, so all my lines were horrible! Oh! And I did my first painting at the age of 10, I received a painting kit for Christmas, I painted my first canvas on Christmas day, the concept was a mug in front of a windows, haha!

. Things that inspires you.

Extraterrestrial, lips, eyes, women, men, body, the nature, religion, you and you and YOU!

. Colors or b/w.

It depends on what I want! If I do an illustration, in general, it's gonna be b/w.
On the contrary if i'm working on a canvas it's almost all the time colored!

. What's your strength?

I guess I have a lot of creativity and I think you need that to be a good artist… It's logical! But for my work, I'm pretty good to do nice shadows especially in b/w.

. Artists - of all the time - that you admire.

Dalì of course, it was a strange character, his life is a story, when you start to read about him you can't stop, it's so intriguing!

. You're friend with Dewey Thang Nguyen
Tell us 3 things that you appreciate of his art.
Interview to Duy

First, Duy is one of my best friend, i knew him 7 years ago and i've seen the evolution of his art. That guy is amazing!
1: He works peacefully.
2: He is so precise.
3: He put passion in everything he does.
I love him, I like to work with him and my other artist friend Olivier Bonnard, we like to create together sometime, we're from the same city and we went at the same high school too, soon everybody will know them, I'm sure!
I hope you'll know me too! haha!

. What projects are you working on right now?

I'm working now on many projects, but I don't really want tell you what it is, the only thing I can tell you it's one is about nature and the other one about sex. Other rise I did something for Le cirque du soleil as Duy, I can disclose what it is but you'll see in december!

. The best thing ever happened to you.

Discover the paint and the travels.

. The best thing that could happen to you now.

Just travel and do many exhibitions around the world!

. 3 words you love.

I'll tell you the words, but in french! Because it's not the same thing in english. Poutine, TABARNAK and giblote!

. 1 word for TisCo!

A M A Z I N G, with many ING at the end!

Phil L'animal site

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