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Yudi Suhairi - First winner of UDRAWIT 2010 COMPETITION

Forest Nymph. 2009

Yudi, you’re from Bandung, Indonesia. Actually you’re far away from here (Italy). How did you know about the competition?

First time I knew about “UDRAWIT 2010” – This is so contemporary competition from a social networking Facebook. I joined to a group "This is so contemporaty!", in there I met and made friend with Daniela (you). Then I decided to participate in the competition.

Tell us something about your cultural background.

I’m so grateful for the social and culture experiences that I had throughout my life in my country Indonesia where I live now. I spent my childhood and part of my adolescence in Palembang ( South Sumatra ), because I was born in there. In Palembang, the arts and culture are greatly influenced by Islamic culture, traditions, Palembang’s Sultanate, Melayu / Malays, culture that inherited by the kingdom of Sriwijaya, and also the Chinese culture. Sometimes, somewhere in this city I still encounter many people upholds the goodness, committing mutual help and hand in hand in life. And I think, I will never forget this city, it’s something that already became my primordial.

Then I moved to Bandung ( West Java ) until this present day, undergoing my adolescence while continue my study in arts and design, after graduate from my college I’m working as a graphic designer. Here in Bandung the arts and culture are strongly influenced by traditional culture, Islamic culture, Sundanese, Modern and pop culture, Art deco, the culture of the Dutch colonial period, and also contemporary.
You know what? I felt like I was the ice cubes were blended together with two different fruits in the blender machine. I think, my life’s journey so far has brought to me the image of those cultures into my mind, then stimulate and enrich my arts and visual’s flavor.
In Indonesia there are so many different cultures, each region has its own culture, arts, customs and language. But even so, I don’t want to spend the rest of my future life in here.

In working of my artworks I’m strongly influenced by the cultural element of pop surrealism and lowbrow.

Moonglow Wonderland. 2009

What do you do in your life?

I love doing things in arts and design, I make paintings / illustrations, graphic design, video / film, photography and scrapbooking. I like documenting anything, writing anything, collect things that I like, traveling, adventuring, and dreaming my wanderlust dreams. I love all the things that just always seem to go with my way, I love walking off to the beach and the quayside just to be alone regarding the sunset, listening to the ocean waves and the songs of seagulls, exploring the woods following the white rabbit, find my own secret hiding place and lay down in the grassland admiring the blue sky and staring at the sun that shining through my fingers in the air.

Your logo won the “UDRAWIT” 2010 COMPETITON as the MOST RATED and TOP OF THE TOP LOGO. How did you feel about this? Did you expect it?

I’m feel so happy and get flattered. What I’ve been design getting attention from many people, that was really something nice for me.
I really never thought, since the first time I sent my artwork I had never thought of winning this competition. Only a simple step that I did, I told to all my friends in my college almamater - Arts and Design community group to give their vote to my design.

What does it represent?

Of course, for me this was represent a very significant achievement for me and my artwork. This competition was followed and viewed by many people from various countries in the world. And “This is so contemporary!” is a very promising art’s blogsite with its coverage and also the interview to the world’s famous artists.

Witchcraft Day Carnival. 2009

Is there any upcoming project for you that you would like to talk about?

I was just carried out my visual art project exhibition ( a group exhibition ) on June 23rd in a museum of art in Bandung, and will run until 2nd of July 2010. Then for the next project I will have another group exhibition in November 2010, and also for exhibition’s project in 2011.

Indonesia Now. The Exhibition.

What do you love the most among making arts, video, films…?

What I love the most is making film ( audio visual ), but still I couldn’t leave my childhood’s passion in paintings.

Garden of Sunshine. 2009

What’s your dream?

My dream is become a film maker, and I love Tim Burton’s films. But if not, I still have a second option ; become a visual artist.

Bintang-Bintang Arts Exhibition & In the Arts Island Performance. 2010

A thought for those who are entering the magic world of art.

Hhhmm, I just wanna say just play, create and follow your imagination. Because art is an adventure that never seems to end. Tell your dreams through your artworks that inspired many people and probably it will change your circle or even change the world.

Halldora. 2009

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