mercoledì 22 settembre 2010


Jason, what your drawings deal with?

My drawings usually deal with anything that influences me at the time. from History, to friends, to current events, but recently Ive been really into Cosmology and the exciting world of physics. I try and combine that with my love for Byzantine and Flemish art of the 14th and 15th centuries. In my latest body of work I cover mans oldest and greatest pursuits, the cosmos. Since the beginning of time man has looked up at the skys and wondered about their place in the grand scheme of things.

The stars have been a guiding force in mans greatest accomplishment, from religion to science (specifically space exploration), two achievements of mankind that have always and will forever clash. As much as these two subjects clash i cant help but connect the two in similar ways.
To me they both have their larger than life presumptions. Angels?, the after life?, string theory?, quantum foam, tiny wormholes in time that can lead to different places not only in space but in time? Given the latter two are just theories, you must keep in mind that these theories come from today's most respected physicists. If anyone of those assumptions were true for any field then who's to say that the others don't exist?
Its this type of thinking that goes behind my recent work. In executing some of my pieces I try and pull back from being to depictive or narrative to allow room for open interpretation from the viewers.

10 things you like the most (no order):

-Art sessions with friends
-My dog Mona
-My Carl Sagan's "Cosmos" DVD Series
-My "Curb Your Enthusiasm" DVD Series
-MY Adult Vita Gummies for a road to healthier living.
-Wasting time on Facebook.
-"Lee's" sandwiches
-Homemade Tabbouleh with Pita bread and hummus. Mmmm.

Black, white and... red?

Well I first experimented with with black and red to see how the two colors existed next to each other.
I felt that red would allow me to be flexible with my themes considering that red could be interpreted in so many ways.
It can symbolize love, hate, sin, royalty, etc. Come to think of it. I dont think I ever explored love in my drawings, lol! As a result of my love for Byzantine paintings.

I recently added a new medium to my drawings which is gold acrylic. I try and use the gold reservedly to represent the supernatural or divine aspects in my drawings.

What are you working on right now?

I just recently finished a body of work for a show I had at the Cave Gallery in Venice Beach with fellow artist's Tom Haubrick and Euth.
I am now working on several shows I have coming up in October. One on Oct, 10th at Sacred Gallery in New York. The show will cover our innermost fears and is appropriately entitled,"Blood, Sweat, and Fears".
I'm also preparing for a solo show I will be having at Sacred Gallery next June.
The other is on Oct. 30th in San Francisco and is entitled "Bad Dads"
after the dads of Wes Anderson films. (The name of the gallery has yet to be revealed to me. I'll see if I can get that to you soon).

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