sabato 21 maggio 2011

The Beauty seen by Guim Tió

Guim Tió was born in 1987 in Spain where he currently lives and mainly works. I recently commissioned him a painting and interviewed him for TISCO, here's what he told me.

Evita: a work that has been recently shown at Body Snatchers, an exhibition powered by Nereida Production

Guim, considering that you're only 24 and you already have your very own style of painting, would you like to tell me how did you approach to the main features - circled eyes wide open, long necks, colored noses - of your characters? 

Yeah, of course. I've been using colored noses since the beginning, it really helps me when the color spreads in the work. The eyes and neck are features that attempt to highlight the expression or no expression of my characters, sometimes a major weakness.
I guess that little by little it became my style without any forcing on it.

What are your sources of inspiration? 

Basquiat's works as those by Kokoschka and Nolde helped me a lot but i feel closer to contemporary artists. Nowadays there're a lot of good artists showing their work online and that's awesome! For example, the TISCO page on facebook makes a brilliant selection of artists that can inspire me, that's why i spend a lot of time surfing!

Ginger. 95 x 95 cm, 2011.

The past exhibition you enjoyed the most.

Germaine exposure Expressionism: The Graphic Impulse at MoMA, incredible!

Tell us about your technique of painting which it seems to be not only limited to traditional brushes affair but more to a kind of collage and Photoshop usage that in a way, helps you to transmit your personal vision of beauty.

I work directly on the fashion magazines and with models. I speak about them with my paintings and i revisit the concept of beauty that magazines sell us creating new characters.

Silas, 95 x 95 cm, 2011.

What's beauty for you and  how do you reflects it on your characters? 

The beauty for me is beautiful, whatever may be the way in which it's manifested. Besides, i believe that beauty is very subjective, i show a beauty with my characters that hits the fashion world ...

Is there any upcoming show for you? 

I've just had a group exhibition with Conrad Roset, Amaia Arrazola and Mary Diamond at Tipos Infames, Madrid. Moreover, on September i'll show my work at Artevistas Gallery in Barcelona!

Balcanic Girl, 2010.

You have a shop online where people can buy originals and limited edition prints. What's your first cyber market? 

Well, in Spain i sell through the exhibitions but my first cyber market after the spanish one is Italy and France followed by U.K., America and Germany.

Untitled #7, 2010.

You're a contributor of TISCO and yours is one of the most rated and visited album among our collaborators. People are very intrigued by your work. Would you like to leave them a message?

I really appreciate very much "like" or comments on Facebook and people mail me a lot. Thank you all.

One of your objectives for 2011. 

Throw me a plane (with parachute).


Guim's album on TISCO:

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