venerdì 26 novembre 2010

Corine Perier

Le voyageur, 55 x 46 cm, huile sur bois.

. Hi Corine, can you remember the first time you approached to art?

Hi Daniela. I don’t remember any specific instance in my life that made me approach to art. Since I was child, I enjoyed drawing during my free time . I have always appreciated things that looked artistic. When I studied in Art School, I never felt this like “work”, but just something I always felt to do.

. You know many secrets of paintings because you started as restorer. How much this experience enriched you?

To look at the work of masters and to know the process of painting is unique and exciting!
I have a lot of respect for the old techniques and old masters style. I paint in oil on wood panels in thin layers, and I like spend time on paintings. Restoration learned me to be subtle and patient.

L'enchanteur, 55 x46 cm, huile sur bois.

. When did you start painting animals?

It was a slow process.
At first, there were characters with my animals, then they naturally have disappeared as and when my animals became “creatures”. They have always existed in my imagination, now they live by themselves in my paintings.

Dans les nuages, 55 x 46 cm, huile sur bois.

. What does fascinate you that much of animals?

I love using animals in my paintings! Animals are universal, they have been used in stories and paintings since the beginning of times. So many things are fascinating in wildlife!
I also like painting all of animal textures: fur, feathers, shine… It’s a real pleasure.

. Your favorite animal.

I think it’s one I have not yet painted… Seriously, I love all furry animals, and specially the birds, that are present in almost all my paintings.

Chat perché, 55 x 46 cm, huile sur bois.

. What's the most contemporary feature in your paintings?

I approach the contemporary problem of the disappearance of species on a planet in flux. It’s my personal response to many disturbing issues of the world. I feel the need to process this through my paintings.

. Would you define your art as surreal?

I don’t think my art is overtly surreal. It’s more like traditional painting with a touch of surreal and strangeness through the presence of my creatures.
I continually explore my individual world, and try to have a style that is my own.

Contre nature, 70 x 70 cm, huile sur toile.

. Are you currently exhibiting somewhere?

I’m preparing a solo show, in March 2011 at the Galerie Montmartre, (located at the Place du Tertre in Paris), that represents currently my art. It’s looking very exciting for me. I’ve got about 15 new pieces for that show.

. What message would you like to leave to our readers?

I’m really happy to be able to do what I’m doing. So, I would like to thank everyone who has taken interest in my paintings, and has pleasure to own them.

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