giovedì 20 maggio 2010


1. MOST RATED and TOP OF THE TOP LOGO: Yudi Suhairi. Bandung. Indonesia.

Congrats Yudi!

just won
"UDRAWIT" 2010

2. Wait! Mag Award: Petko Mishev. Rotterdam. Netherlands.

"Wait! Mag was born as a freepress focused on "creative vanguards emerging". Our essence, our vocation is to give voice and visibility to new talents (at 360°). Our winner is Petko Mishev, it's easy to explain. We've been fascinated by his logo at first sight because of its coexistence of order and chaos with at last a perfect non-sense ending. For us Petko is This is so Contemporary! that's why he gets our award!"

Wait! Mag is a bimonthly freepress that deals with art, music, fashion, design...with attention to the young and emerging creativity. Its a sort of innovation and skill container. Wait! is online also with two cute blogs daily updated: and

3. Centoxcento Presi Bene Award: Michael Sivak. New Haven. Connecticut.

100% Presi Bene is a project born in the 2009 from the Pavia home based dj's Bodypoppers, Tha Bnn, Save The Panda,Tempeo.
Partycrashers since when they were child. Event manager and music producers, in one year they were organize Party with guests like
Crookers, Mixhell, Scuola Furano, Pink Is Punk, Reset!, Power Francers, Ex Otago, Pelussje, Boys Of Brianza, Club Dogo, Pink A Pads,
DiD, Silicon Dust, The Snipplers, Bit Riders, Fabien Leather.

We have been choose the new logo of Michael Sivak. New Haven. Connecticut cause the artwork remind us some
Nofx t shirt and the Sgorbions stickers that we have been collected in the 80's.

I would love to thank all the artists for joining the competition!


5 commenti:

Creepy Crafty Grrrl ha detto...

Thank you Daniela for putting together such a wonderful competition!!!

Daniela Petkovic ha detto...

Thank you so much!

First competition i've ever launched and i've enjoyed it a lot!


mykl g sivak ha detto...

Start another contest. Now!

moonshadow ha detto...

Thank you Daniela...

Daniela Petkovic ha detto...

Hahah Maybe Michael!You've got to leave me your address so that we can send you the t-shirt!Write me on fb,ok?

And thank you moonshadow!