lunedì 25 gennaio 2010

"Dream Reality" at Choque Cultural • Saõ Paolo •

“Dream Reality” at Choque Cultural, Saõ Paolo opens January 28, 2010

Baseman heads south to Brazil for “Dream Reality,” an exhibition at Choque Cultural in Saõ Paolo. Showcasing a variety of themes and characters from recent exhibitions exploring the beauty of the bittersweetness of life, catharsis, and the quest for enlightenment, this show blends dreams, nightmares, and reality through wondrous colorful drawings and paintings.

Go and check out Choque Cultural:

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Sebastian ha detto...

Hi! I really enjoyed your page.. I stare at your picture while listening to Erik Satie whose music is so amazing that it feels like daydreaming! Deeply interesting.. Sebastian!

Daniela Petkovic ha detto...

Hi Sebastian! Thank you so much!!!
And i'm glad that you love my playlist as well.

Alexander Bujak ha detto...
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Petrovic ha detto...

Hi there!

Thank you very much Alex,
the next one is going to be uploaded very soon!

All the best,